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Stephen Graf
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skinner biscuit wrote: Hello, been doing a little bare shaft tuning and I’m getting this result. At 10 yrds nock high right,15 yrds a little nock left, fairly level,20 yrds alot more nock left but level.Have I cut too much or keep cutting? If I cut to much, I’ll add more weight from 400grs to 425 and see what happens.

Now that’s some strange arrow flight. You sure that arrow ain’t possessed?

In my experience, a bare shaft will continue in whatever rotation it started in. Meaning if it comes off the bow nock high right, it stays that way, and gets more so. I can think of nothing that could explain how a bare shaft could go from high right to even left in 5 yards.

Are you watching the arrow in flight? Or observing how it rests in the target? If the latter, you may be getting a false reading.

It is best to get about 15 yards and watch the arrow in flight. When you get good flight at that distance, you can move back if you want. but being closer than 15 yards probably wont tell you much because there is not enough time to watch the arrow in flight.

Other folks simply draw (or tape) a vertical line on the target at which to shoot. If the arrow is left of the line, the shaft is stiff. Right of the line, weak.

If you get inconsistent results (sometimes right, sometimes left) that is usually a form issue. Make sure you are drawing the bow the same every time…

All of the above is based on assumption that you are right handed. Reverse for left handed. Thus if you are getting nock left at 20 yards, the arrow is still weak, and you can cut some more…

Hope this helps.