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Stephen Graf
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David Petersen wrote: I second Steve on the likelihood of form, esp. release issues. I sometimes wonder if it would be helpful to use a trigger release for bare shaft testing. Has anyone here tried that? I just ordered a dozen shafts in three spines and am looking at some bare shaft tuning myself.

When tuning an arrow to a bow, what you are mostly doing is compensating for the archers paradox that is introduced by your fingers letting go of the string.

If you used a mechanical release, there would be essentially no archers paradox to correct for.

When bare shaft tuning, it’s important to have the bow set up exactly as you intend to hunt with it (string silencers, quiver with arrows, etc), and to shoot it in exactly the way you intend to shoot it when hunting : in order to tune the arrows for best flight.

I know you know this Dave. You are just testing me 8)