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NZLongBowMan wrote: Hello,

I’ve predominantly been a longbow man but I recently took the chance to buy one of Ron LaClair’s super shrew recurves (secondhand) so I did.

The problem is I shoot 3 fingers under but it seems this bow is tillered for split finger. Is there anything I can do to counter or compensate for this? I’d really love to get some arrows tuned for it and actually have it work 🙂



I don’t think you will see any difference in the way the bow shoots using a three finger under release. Some times the bow might be a little noisier than if shot with split finger but most do not see/hear any difference.

My experience shooting three under did not make any difference in arrow tuning. You might find that your normal knocking point on the string might have to be changed slightly.

Tillering limbs different is a practice left over from the all wood bow era. Bowyers would make the bottom limb stiffer so as to compensate for the stress put on the bottom limb when drawing. Excess stress on a wood bow limb would distort the limb. This was particularly noticeable on wood bows when un strung or in the relaxed position.

I know some will disagree with this statement:D but in a fiberglass bow difference in the limb tillering (top vs bottom ) is not necessary. There are some who “manufacturing” bows ignore differential tillering and make there limbs the same.:D