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Steve Graf wrote: Joe, you’re the black rhino guy? Very cool. Now you are the broadhead guy. What were you making before the Rhino bows

STEVE Yes I started the BLACK RHINO bows about 10 years ago ………before that I built custom bows under the name VINTAGE ARCHERY. I offered a recurve and 3 long bow models…I got into kids bows to help offset expenses at shows.It worked out so well I gave up custom bows. I was to slow building bows and maybe to particular to ever make a go at it…..I sold the BLACK RHINO to Chuck and Pat Jones about five years ago. Chuck helped me out when I owned the company and got slammed with demand . He glued up bows with my material and forms.It worked out well as he did that in his own shop…Later I sold out to him.Since Chuck and Pat purchased the company they have added more bow models including a new recurve model just this year .

Under Chuck and Pat The Black Rhino continues to be one of the premier kid’s bow being offered. They are shipped all over the world. I don’t have any ties to the company other than friendship with Chuck and Pat but still am proud of the company and the concept of making real shootable traditional bows for kids. Bows that they can be proud of.:D

If you have a passion for archery and have been involved with all the great archery vendors out there it is hard not to want to get involved again. I don’t take any responsibility for starting the broad head business but blame it on Dr Ashby and his writings :D.THE DOC MADE ME DO IT.:D:D That is what I told my wife 😀 Did I mention that I had never met or talked to the good DR.until after the first production run of the TuffHead. I did not need to I had all his teachings memorized.:D