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Bruce Smithhammer
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A recent Natchez-style Bowie that I picked up:

And a little background on Bowies. Contrary to popular belief, there really is no single “Bowie” knife design, nor even a standard size. Most historians agree that the knife that Jim Bowie used at the infamous Vidalia Sandbar fight, which started the “Bowie” craze, looked nothing like the far more ornate Bowie knives that came later (i.e. the Alamo era), and that most people still think of when they imagine a “Bowie” knife.

The knives made in and around Natchez that JB was carrying at Vidalia, influenced by Spanish and French knives that were popular at the time, was a far more simple and straightforward knife, with a coffin handle and prominent swedge, like this original:

Only years later did they evolve into the more well-known style of Bowie with the bulkier blade, exaggerated clip point, full guard, pommel etc:

Personally, I really prefer the simpler, earlier style of Bowie knife. I’m a sucker for a well-done swedge and a coffin handle. 8)