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Smithhammer wrote: [quote=sinawalli]Had a BRKT once, can’t remember the model, but I wasn’t impressed at all! The grinds weren’t even on the sides or the distal taper, looked real amateur!

That’s very surprising. How long ago was this knife made? Not doubting your experience at all, but every BRKT I own has had excellent f&f and perfect convex grinds. In addition, their customer service is top-notch, so if you received a knife from them that wasn’t satisfactory, I have no doubt they would have made it right.

Regardless, I’m curious about some of those other blades, like the wood handle/mosaic pin & the 1095 w/blue G10. Who is the maker?

The BRKT was purchased second hand off another forum, so I’m not sure how old it was. Yeah I’m pretty sure it was a anomaly. I’m not sure how noticeable it was, but being a knifemaker you notice/look for that type of thing, especially in a high end knife. They have a good rep, and I would probably buy another one should the deal present itself! All the knives pictured were made by me. The Mora was just the blade, and I made the handle.