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Robin Conrads
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Hi John,

Welcome to the forum!

The sold out issues of Traditional Bowhunter will not be reprinted. We tried it once and it just wasn’t cost-effective. What we have done is converted them to digital files. For $20/year (Premium Membership) you can read them online or download them to your computer. You also get six current issues during that year and you get to read the magazine before the print copy arrives. You also get 10% off everything we sell in the Shopping Area.

If you want to try a digital copy to see if you like it, the Oct/Nov 2010 issue is open to everyone. You can click here to try it.

Reminder: When switching from a Free Membership to a Premium Membership you must use the same email address, user name and password. Also, check the Yes box where it asks if this is a renewal.