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David Petersen
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Thanks guys for all the good info. Thanks to a tip from Steve Graf–one of those “Now why didn’t that occur to me?” deals–I used 4″ long hardwood splines inserted across the grain to strengthen the fronts of the shafts. In stumping with Ace blunts I was unable to break a single one. I did lose some FOC by removing the 20-grain aluminum collars, but I’m still over 20% with total weight just over the minimum 650 grains. This is what I’m hunting with … or would be if the rain would ever stop, plus I’ve been annoyed by a combo of minor med problems. So basically, it’s been a non-season for me. I heard the first three bugles the evening of the 7th and the rain began the next day. It’s raining buckets this minute. In such prolonged conditions the elk go to ground and their voices go silent. So I may, or more likely may not, get a chance to try the new arrow setup on an elk this year.

And most importantly, good health to Larry Fischer!

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