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I had a custom glove that I bought from a leather worker here in Montana, and loved it. I believe the release surface was made from cape buffalo leather. It was an excellent glove. He sold it to me for 40 bucks because it was the last of his XL’s that he had with him, and I was currently shooting a “Wal-mart special” glove that had an inch-thick cowhide release surface. To my dismay, I lost that glove about a week before the first shoot of the summer last year and had to buy a replacement, and my guy wasn’t at the shoot due to the extremely high gas prices. The nice thing about the cape buffalo leather is that even being a single layer of leather, it was a very durable leather yet not so thick you couldn’t feel the string. My uncle had (and wore out) a glove made by the same person, except the release surface was made from shark skin. Also extremely durable yet thin enough that you could feel the string really well. I’ve also gone the “work-glove” route, and found that in a pinch, it worked…beyond that, I didn’t like it because the cheaper leather of the work gloves tends to wear out faster than I like. Just my pennies.