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Has anyone heard if they plan on making screw on tuffheads…I saw you can do it yourself but was just curious in the matter.


Sorry, I must have been asleep at the switch when this question was asked. The short answer is that there are no plans to make a screw on Tuffhead. There are multiple reasons for this.

More and more hunters are experimenting with FOC arrows ranging from 12% weight forward of center arrows to 30% FOC and beyond. In order to obtain the weight required to increase one’s FOC there has to be a means to increase the front weight or reduce the rear arrow weight. You will often hear that it is hard to obtain a high FOC such as Ultra Extreme FOC (30%and above) with wood arrows this is true but TuffHead is trying to make FOC more attainable on wood arrows with the heavy broadheads we offer and plan to offer in the near future.

I personally feel the glue on broadhead is more vestal than the screw on head. A screw on head does eliminate a glue joint between the broadhead and the arrow. The glue joint between the adapter and broadhead has not proved a problem if the joint has been cleaned and treated properly. Modern glues such as “JB Weld” minimize this concern .The glue on head allow the archer to use the head on either wood arrows or arrows with a screw in insert such as carbon aluminum. Additionally the glue on broadhead allows the versatility of adjusting the FOC by changing the broadhead adapter weight.

A 300 grain screw on broadhead will always be a 300 grain broadhead while 225 grain glue on head can be less than 300 grains using aluminum or titanium adapters. Using standard steel adapters, the glue on 225 grain head could be 300,325 0r 350 grains.