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Really for the life of me, I can’t understand the poor folk who refuse to try any of Doc. Ashby’s finding, yet say they don’t believe his finding…. say what 😯

I have always wanted more penetration, and as Howard Hill said, “it’s what matters most when it comes to killing stuff” with out penetration there is no cutting of the vitals.

I got stuck in, it’s always worked mind set, until I started to read Doc Ashby’s study’s, and it really got me thinking, so I started to try some of the things he was talking about, what I realized was, it’s not ONE thing, but several things you can do to increase penetration.

Doc through down the gantlet and posed the question, ” what if you could shoot an arrow through the pelvis girdle and reach the vitals consistently “

I thought “WOW” that’s what I’ve been looking for.

Doing most of my hunting on the ground puts you in a lot of bad shot angle with traditional hunting tackle, you don’t always have the luxury of waiting for them to turn broadside, Just being there, is just not good enough for me, I want some meat, my goal is a kill, not a bow hike.

As I have been testing the edges of the “BOX” with a set up designed to get the maximum amount of penetration possible, it allows me to take a lot more creative angles into the vitals.

Yes, the shortest way to the vitals is the broadside shot, and the longest would be through the hip, most set up’s are not capable of reaching the vitals from anything other than a slight quartering away angle.

I am not recommending you try this shot angle, until you have proved it on a dead animal.

Some would say that’s an un ethical shot angle, I don’t think so, what’s un ethical, is going afield with equipment on the vary edge of the capability to kill an animal quickly, one that is the minimum amount one could use, as the results set you up for a wounded and lost animal.

If you hunt more than once or twice, something will eventually happen, missed your spot, animal moved, hit a twig, etc, etc, etc.

If the goal is to “get it in the truck” are you better served with more penetration or less ? what if no matter what you hit, your arrow blows through it ?, leg bone, shoulder bone, hip socket, spine, etc, now your talking about lethality.

And guess what, you can still shot them through the chest broadside.