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Robin Conrads
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Steve Graf wrote: …Maybe there should be a movement afoot to take back the P&Y club and put it to work for the future of hunting, hunters, humanity, and the beast.

If a block of trad hunters, who are all opposed to “the book” and all the gizmo’s joined up at the same time… Maybe tradbow could have a link where people could join up and send a pre-written message with their application 😯

Otherwise it’s just much sound and fury that signify nothing…

The issue here is how many of you are Regular Members of P&Y? General members in the Pope and Young Club can only vote for the Second Vice President. All other voting rights are withheld until you reach Regular Membership status. I can’t find the requirements for Regular Membership on their site, but I think it’s not a quick or easy process. This is not to discourage anyone from joining; I think each person needs to make that decision for himself. It would be great to have more traditional hunters in the P&Y ranks. Unfortunately, it will be slow to affect any change. I would urge existing Regular Members to stay an active participant and vote to keep the traditional values.