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Clay Hayes
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Steve Graf wrote: they have been under such pressure to allow things like lighted nocks and electronic gizmo’s on bows. They want to attract the tech crowd as the trad crowd isn’t paying the bills.

Dido what Steve said. But I think this is also a loosing proposition in the long run. It’s not the flashy tech crowd that’ll see hunting through the tough times, but the hard core traditional values hunters, no matter if it’s with a compound, stick bow, or rifle. These hunters will be there, no matter what. Most guys that buy into the high tech bells and whistles are, in my opinion, not true hunters at their core. They hunt, and they may even be good at it. But when it comes down to making the sacrifices it’ll take to keep hunting alive they’ll just give it up and go to a football game. P&Y, along with other organizations and even state agencies are alienating those true hunters by chasing the glitter that’ll surely blow away.

Jason, the issue of whether or not lighted nocks will aid a hunter isn’t the point. As others have said, it will open the door to other, more “helpful” gadgets. There has always been a moratorium on electronics on bows/arrows. This will break that open. mark my words. If we allow batteries in arrows, it won’t be but a few years until we’re allowing transmitters in arrows for all the same arguments they’re now using for lighted nocks. this is all very depressing because I know it’s coming.