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Bruce Smithhammer
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Ptaylor wrote: Smithhammer- on the Duiker, do you tuffheads stick out of the foam with their sharp edges showing? I read the foam is only 1.5″ deep. The side quiver I have only has 2″ of foam. I enjoy using a bow quiver because it is one less thing on my back and I have more control of the arrows when crawling through brush. But I bought a side quiver for the rain cause I don’t like my broadheads getting wet; however, I haven’t used it and can’t speak to its efficacy.

While the longer broadheads (Tuffheads, Steel Force Traditionals) don’t go entirely into the foam, the bottom of the quiver still covers them from being exposed, if that makes sense.

And I hear you on the up-sides of a bow quiver – sometimes in thick brush, anything other than a bow quiver can be an annoyance. But the weather/shrubbery/etc. protection that something like the Duiker offers, combined with an unencumbered bow, having my leaning more and more in that direction these days. I have yet to find any arrow carrying solution that isn’t a compromise. If only I had silent, scentless, perfectly camoflaged servant who could hand me an arrow when needed….:lol: