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First off I think it’s important to have your target at the height of the animal your going to hunt.I use a reinhardt block target set up for elk vitals,because that’s what I bowhunt.I go to my backyard range and stand at 20 yards(max hunting range)and jog in place to get the heartrate up.I visualize a elk standing there,carefully draw and shoot.If I am consistently in the pie plate day in and out I’m good to go.If not, I have no business hunting.I follow this by shooting from 10 to 40 yards in 5 yard increments (one arrow at a time)crouching,standing,hunkered down,sometimes even sitting on a stool.I follow this by shooting uphill at another target and downhill at another target as well.(All at different distances).Throw in some stump shooting(I love to wallop a stump thorough tree boughs and dense brush with high foc arrows)How fun!…. All and all though,it’s the coldshot that matters most!

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