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David Petersen
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Joe — While I suspect that most of us would prefer the “open season on ATV jerks” solution (my personal favorite is piano wire), we no longer live in a Clint Eastwood world, if we ever did. So our best bet is precisely the path you have taken. And I sense satisfaction in hearing your story. BHA is no magic bullet and far too many folks approach it with the same old attitude of “I’ll send in some money and let others do the work.” In fact BHA was founded precisely NOT to follow that old path but rather to facilitate real sportsmen and women who want to stand and speak and be heard. It has worked out to be such a powerful group, though still young and under-funded, precisely because of good folks like you, Joe, and Greg Munther and so many others, many or most of whom are trad bowhunters. We have learned that if we write letters and comments and attend meetings and simply say “I am a hunter and I know this piece of public land intimately, boots on the ground, and you need to take better care of it,” we win far more often than you’d expect for a group that’s small in numbers and is mostly volunteer. There is SO much to complain about these days … and one of my primary complaints are all the people who complain and not only DO nothing, but so often criticize those of us who do stand and deliver. Good work, Joe!