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I am hunting on some state land (for the first time) here in Northern Mi that is right behind my house! There is a well used dirt road that runs through the tract of land, & there are several hunting leases adjacent to the state land! I walk an old two track that has grown in to the point that a SUV/truck can’t drive down it cause of overgrowth and down trees! But that does not stop the 4 wheelers and dirtbikes, on the weekend its non stop and as stated lots of younger people I am lucky the noise it doesn’t effect my hunting cause I am back off the road, it just gets annoying with them driving back and forth! What I do worry about is my wife & several other people walk dogs etc & there are lots of blind spots and corners on the main dirt road, they do not slow down and it seems as though its intensified in the last couple years plus they act like they do not give a rip! I have had to put the Fear of God into a couple of them, on a few occasions!