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Well, after viewing this video I believe it makes my point. Why in the world would you bring a gun to a presidential event? I believe his intent was to bring to light certain rights we enjoy but how could this possibly put gun owners in a good light? And don’t ya just have that gut feelin that Mr. Kostric will soon be(if not already) an NRA poster child.
For the most part this interview had little to do with gun rights and everything to do with a left wing advocate and a umm…..I don’t know what you would call Mr. Kostric but he is certainly an extremist, discussing other social and government philosophies. Two people that I believe most of America would have a tough time relating to. Actually later in the interview Mr Mathews, an openly liberal member of the media, claims he has no problem with our second amendment. This tells me that sometimes we as gun owners are our own worst enemy( no gun brought to the event = no discussion about whether you should or not). I’ll say it again, at some point common sense and social resposibility have to be the bottom line.
A few years back smoking in a public building was banned in my state, the same arguement that we were losing rights was the rallying cry of the smoking crowd. The fact that my children and myself inhaled their poison and that my clothes reeked after leaving a smoke filled convenience store didn’t concern them at all. We all have to consider the thoughts and feelings of our fellow citizens. That is how a society works.