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I really don’t care if you see things my way or not. I’m not trying to convert people. I’m just trying to present a different angle on a very controversial subject. I know most folks that hunt see things a certain way and sometimes another view can open your way of thinking. I understand your position on our constitution and second amendment and I agree with you. I understand that somethings we hold dearly need to be protected and that we don’t live in a perfect world where you can have everything you want. That being said we have some tough problems to face and decisions to make, I am curious as to what things people are willing to compromise to support the NRA.

Patrick, my frustration with you is that you want to turn this into a discussion of the second amendment, which I’ve stated repeatedly, is not my intent.

As for thoughts based in anger, I can go back on this post and look at several respones fueled by anger. The strong, defensive, capitalized words are a dead giveaway. Hey man, I get angry sometimes too. Check some of my posts on the hunting show subject. It’s easy to do when you feel passion for your cause. But we all should step back take, a deep breath, and consider our brothers concerns.

Pray tell, what is my premise?