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Chris Shelton
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I do understand what john is saying about how they only support republicans!? They do because they are the only ones that support our gun rights, if you find a democrate that will support my gun rights and is not afraid to “carry the big stick” as well as taking care of the big crapper we are in financially than I am all for him/her. But it just doesnt happened, you said on one post that the NRA should stick with gun rights, but then you said that they are supporting republicans that are not the greatest towards conservation, sounds to me like you want them to be a conservation group too? Make up your mind! And sure Uncle ted is a bit wack some times, and he is definatly a extremist when it comes to gun rights but he IS for gun rights, I think someone back further said this and I am going to say it again . . . UNITED WE STAND< DIVIDED WE FALL!! That is something we all need to keep in mind as HUNTERS, weather that person is a crossbower or a traditionalist, WE need to stick together because if we are fighting each other than the true enemy will be able to concor us in a heart beat. I DO NOT AGREE with the crossbow issue, it directly impacts my season, I hate having to share the early season with them, I dont care if they want to hunt with that "arrow gun" during the gun season but that is definatly NOT classified as a bow, and the department knows that, they just are using it as a managment tool, but seriously wouldnt it be easier to just extend the rifle season a week?