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Clay, I have no problem with carrying a handgun. I don’t carry but I do have a loaded 357 in my night stand. I agree that we don’t need more laws we need better law enforcement.

While looking at the video we, as gun owners, see what you saw. A peaceful demonstration of gun owner rights. What you have to do is look at that video through the eyes of someone that doesn’t own a gun, that didn’t grow up with guns in their houses as many of us did. In that light the guy comes out looking a lot different. A visible side arm, a message board with a quote that could be construed as a call for revolution, all this at an event for a democratic president. See where I’m goin? A: this guy is trying to push every button he can with liberals, or, B: this guy is really trying to start something. If this is the only gun owner many non gun owners see we may be digging our own hole. We must look at our image from as many angles as possible.