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David Becker
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This is one of the best corners of the internet I’ve ever frequented. The signal to noise ratio and the level of civility are outstanding.

When you go to most internet fora devoted to a particular activity, most of the posts aren’t about the experience of doing the activity, they are about the GEAR. I get really sick of consumerism. There are certainly discussions about gear here, but the quality and tone of them are quite different. A good example of that would be the “Emergency Gear” thread that is running now.

I don’t have much time to surf the internet right now, but when I do, I check in here. I’ve learned a bunch about traditional archer and bow hunting in the short time I’ve been here, both by reading the active threads and mining the archives.

Thanks a bunch everybody. Maybe when the baby gets a little older, I can find a way to meet some of you in person.