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wojo14 wrote: Ok, just finished 6 woodies.

I bare shafting them to get 190 g heads to fly good.

They are, except I am getting a nose dive effect.??

Here is the specs.

60-65 Douglas Fir tapered

Cut from Nock valley to cut 28″

190 g tips.

584g ( with tip and nock(no feathers yet))

Caululations from Tuffhead’s web site shows a 33% foc.

arrows measure 27.25″ from nock valley to BOP.

And balance point is 4.5″ from center.

Is this normal? Will feathers correct this?


wojo14 Try changing you knock position. The dive is not normal unless maybe your arrow is stiff and bouncing off of the shelf.

Adding feathers will change your FOC measurements (balance point) 33% FOC is extremely high for a wood arrow. I ran your figures in the calculator and it does come out that way but it really does not sound right…Still thinking about that.Any way try your knocking point that would be the easiest.:D