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Jason Wesbrock
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Stumpkiller wrote: A caution on the release. Jerking your hand back is as bad as collapsing on the release. I anchor and then use back tension to expand my chest and release in that motion. My hand moves very little and remains at anchor along my jaw. Not the Hollywood flourish some guys perform a second after the arrow is gone and they realize they were supposed to move something. 😉

One of my favorite archery books is Shooting the Bow by Larry C. Whiffen (1946). May be able to find it or have a library get it for you. Don’t believe anyone that tells you target techniques do not apply to bowhunting. It’s just a little dirrerent (closed) form but the basics work for both.

Absolutely correct.

Rearward movement of the string hand upon release should be an involuntary reaction to a properly executed shot. It should never be an action in and of itself.