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Steve — Whatever you do (so far as I know :P) is good by me. I too just made up a dozen Surewoods (got mine from Dave Doran, Archery Past, very straight, super service and good price). Not being a big fan of painted shafts I really like the way you’ve set these off with dark stain behind the minimal cresting. I “footed” mine with 2.5″ sections of aluminum shaft to convert them to screw-ins, which makes them ugly and me be perceived as “unartistic.” And fair enough. But I now have EFOC you’ll never get otherwise with woods, and a broader array of points to choose from. Would be even better if someone marketed alum external footings with a realistic wood-grain pattern (2413 fits 11/32 perfectly) and brass inserts for strength and added weight. But I apologize and don’t mean to pirate your thread … the Surewoods just got me going, which I consider a great improvement over P.O. cedar, for their lightness and strength. May you slay many Bambis with these simple yet handsome arrows. Ho-ho-Homer