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An old friend used to say it should be made a crime to prepare squirrel any other way but fried with a heap of mashed potatoes, cathead biscuits, and squirrel gravy and copius amounts of hot coffee.

Around here, we wait for the frost so the “wolves” will leave the squirrels. The “wolf” is a parasite that lives under the skin and grows to a grub-like size and can be clearly visible at close range. I usually just don’t shoot those with obvious wolf infestation. As for fleas, just hang the squirrel in fork and retrieve him on your way out. The fleas will leave the dead squirrel. If you have coyotes following you this might not work.

I’ve used flu flus and regular fletch with blunts. A rubber blunt inside 20 yards will kill squirrels but may not be as effective at longer range. Have not connected with judos or the ace heads. This may be the year!