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Bruce Smithhammer
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Doc Nock wrote:

You are making the Scale EXACT for YOUR broad head

Exactly. Doesn’t really matter to me if the scale angle is slightly different on someone else’s KME than my own, since I only use my own, and for that, it’s a useful reference. But it’s also essential that I place the broadhead at the same point in the clamp every time (this is why there are little reference lines on the top of the clamp). Otherwise, as noted, the desired angle changes. The “Sharpie” method is a good way to go for any kind of sharpening – seeing the marker evenly removed from the bevel is about as ‘foolproof’ as it gets.

And as Ron mentioned, I find that the 27º setting on my KME is perfect for my 25º single bevels.

Though I have both (thanks again, Ron!) I favor using the knife sharpener for my broadheads as well.