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Amen to supporting the Moms & Pops of the world. Many of us are in business for ourselves, too, and depend on the local support. I’m getting back into this archery after many years away and I’ve been able to get a lot of guidance, not only from this site, but from the business that advertise here. I owe them many thanks, especially Three Rivers, and my continued business.
On a related note. When the Big C opened a store in central PA I thought I’d take a ride out there. My son, still in a stroller at the time, really loved the stuffed animals and the aquariums. That’s all cool, but the fun stopped there. I looked long and hard to find a product that was made on these shores and found darn little. You would think that at a flag wavers’ paradise like this is supposed to be, that you would find a little bit of the stars and stripes on some of the products. No such luck.