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Bruce Smithhammer
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Patrick wrote: But to deride Cabela’s for not having much, if any, traditional archery equipment, is akin to a compound shooter deriding 3Rivers for not having equipment for them. “traditional” bowhunting will never be mainstream, and Cabela’s is a mainstream retailer. Just my humble opinion.

Despite agreeing with a number of the previous comments, I’d also have to agree with this. It’s kind of like lamenting that Cabela’s doesn’t carry bamboo fly rods and silk lines. The fact is, we’re an obscure niche of the sport, though 4 pages in a Cabela’s catalogue dedicated to trad supplies is certainly more than they had a few years ago, which indicates something. But ultimately, I’m fine with being part of an obscure niche. It seems to be an inherent part of most things I’ve been attracted to.