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Nate Bailey
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Backcountry Joe wrote: The state of the hunting community is sad. The Trueblood days of Field and Streams are gone!

I usta read field and stream, loved it when i was a kid–won’t touch the mag now!

As far as Cabela’s is concerned–I love my Alaknak tent and I do like some of my Cabelas clothes. I hate the idea of Crossbows during bow season, and atvs in places where they shouldnt be, but they are usefull to get you to the trailhead. Or should I say, wherever you would take your pickup to– as they get better miliage. I just bought a dual sport motorcycle (dirt/street), so I can get myself in the woods more, without burning 20 gallons of fuel, each time. let me stress–bikes, quads, and the like shouldn’t ever go where you wouldn’t take your pickup.

The problem here isnt the stuff, its us, well not on this board, but society. That is why we need to support groups like PBS, and Backcountry Hunters– they stand in opposition to the perversion of human indulgence. In other words–if people were responsible and thoughtfull, there would be no need for such groups– I think the best medicine is, the medicine that is lived out in our daily lives, correcting people (most of all kids),comunicating, as most people, if they thought about it, would understand where we are coming from.
just my 2 cents!