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Nate Bailey
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David Petersen wrote: I just got a big fat Redhead hunting catalog, and it has NO trad bows or gear, period. Meanwhile, the new L.L. Bean hunting catalog has a “family archery set” of inexpensive, low-pounds take-down recurves … and NO wheelie junk much less X-guns. If I have to buy something from a big mail-order house, it will be L.L. Bean. But so far as finances and availability allow, I much much prefer to support the Ma and Pa outfits who are themselves trad folk, esp. those who advertise in TBM. It wasn’t Cabelas, Redhead or even Bean that brought traditional bowhunting back from the edge of the grave–it was TBM and the advertisers who support them. I feel morally obligated, and happily so, to return that support and keep it all in what truly is a family, including this website. The trad world is the only way I’ve ever been a “family man.” IMHO.