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It didnt start out as anything but friends…. but she is definitely proving herself to be a keeper…. With or without the Archery…. and her attraction to archery is like icing on the cake! 😛


“Stunned” to say the least!…. And the company really is fun… even if for now its just shooting in the backyard. I really look forward to taking her to a 3-D shoot! Archery has really given us lots to share!


I guess yer right…. there COULD be worse things…. (I Suppose….) But spending twice as much money on Traditional Archery Equipment could be viewed as an “Investment in Life”. Guess I better get on it and start making my shopping list!…. Birthday list…. Christmas list… Easter list…. ect… ect… 8)


I guess ANY woman who tolerates all that we put into archery is a keeper! And…. “No hard feelings if ya hate me…. even a little!” (I’m sure I’ve been hated for a lot less!) 😉