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1. What kind of shape are you in. since you stated 2013, then good get in the best shape of your life, if you are a flatlander, then twice the best shape of your life. 2. Are you a backpacker/camper. if not start now, think bows are expensive ha, good outdoor gear can be outasight, and anything for sleeping or shelter you find at Wallyworld is probably gonna be junk. So get a good sleep system and start in the back yard (allows you to bail if the weather turns bad or your equipment doesn’t work out.Decide what you are gonna eat, many good things to eat that only require hot water, learn how to bear bag your grub. 3. Learn how to shoot out to 30 yards, putting the first shot in the bulleye standing kneeling, sitting, from behind cover. The bow you have now is OK if you can shoot like I stated. 4. Learn first aid, broadheade and your knife should be shaving sharp. 5. Have fun, the first time you hear a elk bugle you will know what fun is.