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Clay Hayes
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David Petersen wrote: it’s not “will they break” but “when,”

Dave, I must respectfully disagree. A well-made bow will last a lifetime, whether made of wood or glass…. As long as it’s not mistreated. A well made, but mistreated, bow will not. Mistreatment means different things for wood than it does for glass. Leaving strung for instance. Leaving stung though, won’t cause a wood bow to break, just loose cast by increasing string follow. Personally, I never worry about a bow breaking once it makes it through the initial “breaking in” period. I’ve seen numerous mahogany colored osage selfbows that shoot as well today as 20 plus years ago when they were made.

So rest easy on that bow of yours, it ain’t gonna break – at least not before you and I do. And, if for some reason it proves me wrong, I know where you might be able to find another one.