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Yesterday morning I got up early to hunt and decided to stay close to home. I have a few stands within a few minutes walk in a neighboring property. I have yet to make success with a bow here, but have taken some deer with a rifle. It’s not usual to see more than a deer or two at best here, so while it’s convenient to hunt during school hours or when I only have a short spell for the woods, I tend not to get my hopes up and be content with my squirrel and crows cronies.

On Saturday I was on the stand and settled at 7:10 a.m. Within twenty minutes a nice stout buck strolled into view about 50 yards or so to my right. In the binos he looked like a 4-5 point, with a nicely structured rack. If I could find the third point hiding on his right side, he’d make a fine legal buck. Too, far, too far and off he walked. A little bit later I caught movement over my left shoulder and saw a doe racing about 35 yards past me to the rear and then a good sized 8 pointer, head down, hot on her trail. A short time later I saw a doe approaching in the area of the first buck. Then two fawn and then a second doe. The first doe had her radar locked in on me, watching and sniffing and moving back and forth. She was cautious, but uncertain. Soon, the second buck, the 8ish pointer shows up to sniff around. I tried gently grunting and can-bleating, which made their ears perk up with didn’t get them much closer. When these five moved off, I used the can to bring the doe back in to take another look. Not close enough. What an outstanding few hours that was. And the squirrels and crows were there, too. best, dwc