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Stephen Graf
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Ptaylor wrote: … Steve, you obviously have more experience hunting white-tailed deer than me. I’ve hunted them all of 12 days on one hunt. But we rattled in a buck, and I sat over a scrape that a buck came to!…

I guess that’s what makes the wiley buck so fun to hunt 😀 All I can say is in my experience, hunting scrapes and using calls are low probability methods. But there have been articles in TBM written by guys that call in 4 or 5 deer with rattling every year. Go figure? Could be just my bad luck. There have been people that won the lottery twice in two weeks. Not me.

The fellow that shot the biggest buck in our group this year in VA stepped out of the truck at the end of the logging road on the first morning, took 1 step in the woods and shot a nice 8 pointer. I spent the week in the woods and saw nothing but does.

For the sake of argument though… lets say rattling and grunting are very successful ways of getting bucks to come. When they do come, I think we can agree that they are on high alert. This is ok for a gun hunter, or someone in a tree stand. But if you are hunting with a trad bow from the ground, you gonna get busted 😳 😀