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broadhead wrote: [quote=Etter1]I despise anybody that would kill an animal in a small enclosure and claim it was hunted, but I see it as another form of farming, albeit a disgusting form.

At the same time, I feel it’s another slippery slope. Just like everything that has happened in California. There are now several states in the Pacific Northwest that have outlawed hound hunting. I have to believe that this was largely due to the fact that the rest of the hunting public (non-hound hunters) didn’t stand up and fight for their brothers and sisters.

I don’t consider high fence operations hunting, but where does it end?

Just think about that guy bragging to us about picking out exotic animals in an inclosure and asking his host, “How much for that one? Oh, that’s too much. What is the price for killing that?”

This is is a practice hunting can survive without.

Absolutely true!

But so can we say the same things about guides who tree a mountain lion and then call the client to come in and kill it. Same as the deer in texas that gets sold on sight to the client at the feeder. Same as the antelope that comes to the same stock tank every day.

These are all lines that we draw personally. We are under such scrutiny that I have to think we need a united front.

I don’t own an AR15 but I don’t want the government to stop me from owning one.