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I’ve been getting in shape for the past 20 years. Just keep in mind, “round” is a shape. I think I need to stop doing beer-curls and start on a bit of endurance. I need to drop about 50#. Archery is actually helpful there. I take the bow for a walk on the 3D course and that puts about 1-2 miles on the footwear. Do that 2X/WK, some jogging (2-3 miles), sign up for a few 5K races (just to run, not to place). Also, doing the “Tough Mudder” June 1st. 10-12 miles with obstacles. I just hope not to have an MI at mile marker 2 😆 . That’s about all. End of September will be the test. My first hunt in the “real” wilderness. Any QC hunters want to give me ideas on “training up”, feel free. Be well.