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wojo14 wrote:

So guys, correct me if I am wrong, but if I get an arrow tuned good with 25-30% efoc and small feathers, my trajectory will be flatter out to 20 yards as well?

Generally speaking a UFOC arrow will drop less over a given yardage say 20 yds than a arrow of the the same total weight with significant less UFOC.:!:

Foc is not a panacea to all arrow problems. FOC is just another tool in the box to help develop the most lethal arrow possible. High FOC will improve penetration in ‘soft tissue’ but does very little in bone. It is more important to have a arrow weight above the 650 grain threshold for breeching bone.The ideal arrow to strive for is one above total eight of 650 + grains with 30 % FOO,

Once you have developed a high FOC arrow and seen the difference in how they fly and preform in windy conditions you will never want any thing else.:D