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Bruce Smithhammer
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I know what you mean, Jason. Even though I’ve been shooting 4 x 2-1/4″ for some time now, I still sometimes don’t fully trust that it’s going to be reliable with broadheads, and I start doubting, and then I need to go out and do what I did today – shoot that fletching setup, with broadheads, against a 3 x 4″ setup in crappy conditions (vid to come….).

And what today’s shooting session proved beyond a shadow of a doubt for me, is that there is no reason for me to not have full confidence in the 4 x 2-1/4″ fletch at all. They flew very well with broadheads, in a pretty good wind and light rain. In fact, my 3 x 4″ fletch were getting blown off course a bit – not the case with the former setup. So for me at least, and the setup I’m shooting, I feel like the issue is settled.

As an interesting side note, I shot two different broadheads today – 200gr. Eclipse Werewolves and 225gr. Steel Force Traditionals. From the shooters pov, I had never noticed any difference in noise, but my buddy who was standing off to the side and a bit downrange said that the SF’s were making audible noise, and the Eclipse heads were not. We repeated it numerous times, with both of the fletching setups mentioned above, and every time the SF’s were noticeable noisy.