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Bruce Smithhammer
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Steve Graf wrote:

I can’t seem to get below 3 inches and feel comfortable with it. So I stick with 4 inch feathers. My arrows drill through anything (except a strong crosswind, which I’m willing to live with)

Steve –

Were you trying them in tandem with high point weights/EFOC? I’ve really come to believe that you need to have both working together to get good results. I’m currently shooting 300gr. heads with 25%FOC. And I’ve watched them plow through twig deflections, as well as track better in wind. But with lighter points, I doubt I would be able to get away with the fletching I’m using.

Steve Graf wrote:

On the steel force heads – I’ve heard that noise and won’t use those heads. I think it comes from their ferrel design. You can round the sharp edge off the high point on the ferrel and it reduces the noise some.

Interesting thought on the ferrule design being the culprit. Makes sense – I don’t know what else about that broadhead’s design would create such noise, it’s just a simple 3:1, two blade with no venting.