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Col Mike
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David–with all respect:twisted: wojo and I were talking about the same A&A feather– 3 is less then 4. We were not assuming any quantum fluctuations in the set up. Thus we did not factor in the blonde/redhead/brunette infinity. You are well aware that most mathematicians dislike infinities but some of us theorists can handle them with only a little discomfort. Therefore:

1. 3 feathers of the same size weigh less then 4 feathers of equal size= enhanced FOC.

2. 1 blonde + 1 redhead + 1 brunette = infinite trouble and 4 of either color or size = infinite possibilities or infinite trouble–based on the observers orientation.

3. If your still confused see Troy’s article or Dr Ed’s video on the tuffhead website. Although flight stability may be new to you considering that you flew (sic) a helicopter. 8) which is why you likely have no hair:D

Semper Fi