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MSFK I to want to commend you on your concern and courage to bring this to a public forum. There many here with a much better understanding of the arrow dynamics involved here so will leave part of the equation to them. I just want to say to you that just because you did not recover the animal we know that others did. Nature does not let anything go to waste. If the shot was fatal then the ravens,eagles,coyotes and many others have made use of the kill. You also have gained knowledge from the event that will benefit your and your quarry in the future. Natures lessons do not come cheap and sometimes are painful. In this world no predator is 100% effective but we are the only ones that have a conscience to deal with for what we have done. The others have to deal with the hunger pangs of their stomachs. Good luck on the rest of your season I know that you will succeed in your quest for knowledge. You can walk tall amongst your peers for you have admitted your failure and have set out on the trail to prevent it from happening again