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Dave2old wrote: CO’s minimum bow weight is an embarrassment and tragedy, more “good work” from CBA, who is more interested in their weak wives and kids being able to hunt elk than trying to elimiante wounded elk running around with arrows flopping around visibly. I’ve been hunting elk in CO for 27 years and have seen and done it almost all. Some years ago I determined that if I couldn’t find a way to kill elk fast and humanely and with certainty, I couldn’t keep hunting them. Back then I was using 64# recurves with aluminum or wood shafts and Thunderhead 3-blade 125s … and never once got a satisfactorily fast kill no matter arrow placement. Average weight was 550. Thank God, then along came Doc Ed Ashby with his great wisdom, which I followed and immediately started getting pass-throughs and animals going down within sight. That said, the arrow is far more important than the bow, though I would never condone less than 50# even if it sometimes works (miss all those ribs, a 50/50 chance broadside and far less at any angle, and maybe can do). In the briefest summary, here is what Ashby says as minimum for big big game like elk, knowing that bone hits are inevitable: Minimum overall arrow weight of 650 grains. Strong, slender two-blade broadheads preferably single-bevel. As much weight as possible up front. I am 63 and my current setup is a 55# Shrew longbow with 750-grain carbon shafts (for their versatility in getting weight up front) and any of several very heavy and strong single-bevel two-blades: ABS “Ashby,” Abowyer “Brown Bear,” Grizzly “El Grande,” Tusker “Concord.” Happily, manufacturers are really getting behind the Ashby technolog and STOS, among others, will soon be coming out with very heavy single-bevel heads. Yeah, it can be done with less and regularly is. But if you don’t want the heartbreak of lousy penetration and a lost wounded animal, why take a chance. And a bonus: The more weight up front, the better the accuracy. dave

AMAN!!!! Dave, you said it like it is, there are people who think we are fly fishing, and want to use the lightest gear they can get away with.

I want more than I need to get the job done.

This is my Elk arrow for this year.

Oh! by the way it worked excellent also.