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Dr. Ed Ashby wrote: Preston, that’s not “think”; from the folks who contact me I’m certain that there are more compound shooters – number wise – using heavy, EFOC/UEFOC setups with trad-type single-bevel broadheads. Many of those are folks hunting the larger game; everything from elk to elephants. I’ve been working with one bowhunter who is writing a book for the compound crowd on what he calls the “Ashby Arrow System”. He hunts the larger North American game, with a particular focus on BIG elk, and just got sick of the poor arrow performance he was getting with “regular arrows”. He uses his 850 grain, EFOC arrows on everything – rabbits and up, and is in the process of tuning up some heavy, UEFOC arrows. That’s from a 70# compound.

It’s unfortunate that there are a number of trad bowhunters who are very dead-set against the heavy, EFOC/UEFOC arrows – and even some opposed to single-bevel broadheads. Most have never even used such a set-up, but it is not what THEY deem to be ‘traditional’.


Blasphemy, I know, but when that book comes out I’m wanting a copy and am extremely interested. Locational/geographic “difficulties” right now might force me back to using one of those wheeled contraptions for a while.