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Robin Conrads
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handirifle wrote: I typed up a long post a couple hours ago, and when I TRIED to post it, I discovered I had been auto logged off and it got rid of everything I typed. Very frustrating, since there is no warning whatsoever.

I will try again, but will do it in short bursts this time.

Thanks for the great start to this thread. To address the timeout issue; you should have 1 hour to type your post before you get logged out, however, every once in a while the vendor “fixes” something and we go back to 20 minutes. 👿 Quite irritating! I’m testing it now and I will have it fixed. My suggestion to anyone typing a really long post; make a copy before you hit that save button. (Edit-Select All, Edit-Copy.) Sometimes you can log in and then use your back arrow to get back to the post as well. I apologize for the frustration.