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Don Thomas
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Actually, I think GTA has raised a very interesting question that receives surprisingly little attention… Some years back a former neighbor was having a tough time when her husband left her with five kids to feed, and I’d always use a doe tag or two each season to help her stock her freezer. Of course a lot of us do that kind of thing and I think we’d agree that it’s not just ethical but considerate. On the other hand, a lot of trophy hunting outfits are using their local Hunters Feeding the Hungry chapters as meat disposal units. In this scenario, the rich hunter arrives from out of state, flies home with his horns, and never even has to think about the rest of the animal. I think that’s ultimately bad for hunting. Of course, someone is sure to point out that I did something similar when I hunted in Africa, to which I can only reply that taking meat home was impossible, and the locals who received it really and truly did need the meat for their basic nutrition. So the answer, as usual, is: it depends. Don