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jason samkowiak
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I too prefer the big woods. It allows me many mistakes. I can screw up a stand for whatever reason and simple move a mile to a different one. at any given time during deer season i can have “trees ready for stands” in 60 different areas covering 50 miles. I have stands that are a mile in and stands that are 50 yards off a paved road as well as everything in between.

I love that freedom. the cost however is less deer, smaller average deer, more pressure, harder hunting, etc. but i would not trade it for the world. The big woods is home for me. I live there, hunt there, fish there, trap there, hike and camp there. for me and my family its our happiness and escape year round from the everyday crap that sucks the life out of us like cell phones, puters, myface, weebox, work, etc. I try every hard to get keep my family in the woods doing something as many days as we can. That comes at an extreme cost. less money, farther commutes to work, less time for normal stuff, less little family functions beacsue of distance, and a much harder life style. But again I would not trade it for the world and hopefully one day my kids will always remeber this stuff regardless of where life takes them.