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Right on Dave… I just had Elk stew tonight yum 😛 yum there the best for table fare.

Hey, have you ever tried a clicker, I have been using one on my bows for about 15 years, I always hit full draw, which is vary important for getting every thing out of our set up’s.

Theirs two things that happen when we don’t hit full draw.
( I’m not picking on you bro. just putting it out there for some thought )

*1st, our tuned arrow is now over spined, and is not that fined tuned arrow we had at the practices butts.

*2nd, I am now shooting 3 lbs lighter bow if I just short draw one inch, 6 lbs if it’s 2″ short etc…

The other side of that is, I get real excited and crank it back a couple of extra inches and now my perfectly tuned arrow is way under spined, fish tailing the whole way to my target.

Both out comes reduce my penetration.

You can see the clicker on this 70lb skookom longbow back in the day, hey it’s still the day, lol

PS Nice pic’s