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Doc Nock
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Yup. Good points. Camo is to make you be perceived as a non human non threat…

I’ve not had dogs use me for a tree or fire plug, but had some chipmunks crawl up my leg with one pattern I liked (no longer on the market)

Most stuff, if you hang a pants and jacket or coveralls on a hanger and hang in broken woods, you are “tricked” it doesn’t look like a man but that is at close range…back up 40 or 50 yards and most patterns today, BLOB into the exact outline of a human form… 😯 Doh!

When I do wear camo, I tend to wear “mix and match” Top of one type or plaid and bottom of something else.

I share the original posters confusion/irritation at having to pay more for a camo watch band, or pee bottle or knife handle..


I once saw Camo Gum… But I think it was to camouflage your breath, not look like camo…but who knows…

Some of it were I to “bite” would make me feel a bit “foolish” but I find good camo, strong negative/positive vertical shapes with open pattern, (few those be) tends to keep deer from turning inside out at 100 yards!

Any closer or even at that distance, movement will still give you away as many attest… Sight, smell, hearing… them critters are wired to survive!